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Jean Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd was established in 1981 as JEAN CARD with a group of adventurous young people that dreamed big.

JEAN CARD started business with delicate handmade cards and stickers, blended innovation spirit and emotions in its designs. From the first card and sticker to today's new and comprehensive line of products, JEAN CARD continues to find small and novel ideas from everyday life, and our focus on continuous experimenting and innovating has never changed.

    Where we started



In 2010, we had a chance to cooperate with a USA well-known cross stitch brand and visited their experienced workshop. This this is how we started.


For over a hundred years, cross stitch is very popular in Western countries but very few people would connect it to Oriental arts. We wanted to introduce this traditional craft to more people with Oriental culture, so we came up with the idea of Oriental painting cross stitch.

    Messages hidden in the paint



Chinese painting seems very serene with pale coloring, but it actually has plenty of messages hidden. We wondered, if we can show this prospect in cross stitch, can we attract more people to the cross stitch world?


So we worked with professor from National Taiwan University of Arts and coded the Chinese painting into "cross" symbols, and users can follow the symbols and stitch those master pieces easily.


However, it didn't go smoothly at first. The graduation and delicate structure of Oriental paintings were very difficult to re-present with limited color of floss. We keep testing for suitable fabric, needle and floss, and finally sorted 353 colors of floss that are suitable for Chinese paints. And in order to reach the prospect of Oriental paintings, lots and lots of trial stitching were executed. It took more than 6 months to finish one design in average.

    Our Vision


Went through fail, lost, revise and started all over again and again, it is faith that keeps us moving. Over a thousand days of hard working, we proudly present Taiwan's first own brand, [繡]Xiu Crafts, specialized in beautiful and meaningful Oriental painting cross stitches. And we are happy that they are loved by their original creators and western users that are not familiar with Chinese arts.


Contiguously, we will sustain the spirit of "hidden message" and "using needles and floss for pen and color" to color this world and bring poetry imaginations to people. We will not stop exploring more possibilities and providing more unique and fun new products.