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繡[xiu]Crafts is created by a design company in Taiwan, Jean Card and Gift Co. Started from cards and gifts to nowadays the cross stitch, Jean Card devote every effort to create new designs and develop exclusive machine to produce efficiently. In order to make our products user-friendly, we invented a patent thread organizer with clear symbols on it, which makes it easier for the customers to pick up the correct threads.


Considering the cross stitch could be a media of expressing culture, Jean Card tries to integrate Chinese painting into the cross stitch products. 繡[xiu]Crafts, our own brand for needlecrafts, is expected to transform the culture into art and could be preserved for generations.

   Our Creation-Patent Thread Organizer


Before we started, we carefully listen to users' voice from all over the world and make improvements to our new products. While researching, we understand that users often confused by the floss number as they all look similar in kits. Furthermore, the floss often gets stuck as they were tied together in the package. Such small disappointments ruin the joy of hand crafting and may result the artwork incomplete.


To eliminate this problem, we invented machine-dispatch floss identity card, which we call it Thread Organizer, so each floss is separated and its number is clearly marked on the card. With the identity card, stitching is much easier and lots of fun now.

    Chinese Culture


In the process of designing, our cross stitch team have found out that the cross stitch in the western culture has already been mature and integrated its bright colors and plenty of emotions into the works. Therefore, we thought that the cross stitch should not only convey the western culture, but also express the Chinese culture and beauty.

    Paint with needle; Color with floss


繡[xiu] Crafts is positioned on Chinese art, integrating the Chinese ink paintings from several Taiwanese famous painters and trying to deliver the Chinese beauty and modest character.